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Twister 2.4GHz Medevac Navy RC Remote Control Helicopter

List Price: £99.99  

Price: £88.50

You Save: £11.49 (11%)

ister helicopters with Planet 2.4Ghz Technology!

This great R/C model REALLY CAN be flown virtually anywhere by virtually anyone interested in RC helicopters!
And every helicopter is test-flown, flight guaranteed and ready to fly out of the box!

It almost hovers by itself!

With 2 SETS of FREE spare main blades, 4 AA batteries, and DVD with step-by-step guide and training techniques
It is designed for use indoors and outdoors (in calm conditions) in an adequate and safe space. This electric helicopter is designed by expert engineers and assembled at the factory. It is very strong, with numerous innovative safety features. The Twister Medevac uses the highest quality drive, power and control systems as well as the new 'next-generation' 3-in-1 board for incredible tail stability and ultra-long flight times.

The Twister Medevac demonstrates almost unbelievable hovering stability and will be sure to guide vast numbers of pilots into successful flight in the shortest possible time!

Flight Simulator USB cable INCLUDED
Designed so that you can practice flying on the FREE FMS flight simulator first by using this lead connected to your transmitter and to yor PC. Then when you're ready; simply disconnect the lead from the transmitter and use it to go flying for real!

State-of-the-art electronics in one package
The '3-in-1' on-board electronics package includes piezo gyro, electronic mixers and speed controllers PLUS a computer fail-safe, an LED system check, and a motor safe-start facility!

Unique damage prevention features - LBW
We've engineered in some helicopter-saving features that even experts will like, such as integral LBW; a low lipo battery warning system that activates a blue flashing beacon when it's time to land and recharge. As any experienced electric flight pilot will tell you, it's just too easy to fly for a few seconds too long and knock a lipo cell out making it impossible to recharge your battery.

Unique damage prevention features - MOPS
The revolutionary MOPS (Motor Overload Protection System) helps prevent damage to your drive motors and speed controller by killing the motors automatically on blade-stopping tip-overs - then automatically re-energising the system some seconds later! So no more burnt out motors, batteries, and you can kiss goodbye to those bad ole' smokin' speed controllers!
Reassuring for new pilots and comforting for experienced pilots.

Fail-safe and safe-start
The fail-safe cuts power to the main motor in the event of transmitter failure while the safe-start only allows starting when the throttle stick is low-so there is no danger of connecting the flight battery and inadvertently sending power instantly to the motors.

Professional transmitter
The Planet T5 transmitter and R6M micro receiver have been designed for crystal-free operation of you Twister helicopter. It uses state-of-the-art computer technology to bind it’s transmitter and receiver in such a fashion that, under most model flying conditions, interference that would normally cause loss of control in 35mHz or 27mHz equipment is nearly always rejected—and in most cases radio functionality is entirely unaffected. This makes for a safer, more reassuring flying experience.
The new design single aerial micro receiver is ultra-compact and allows for rapid and convenient installation especially when compared with some 2.4GHz twin-unit multi-aerial receiver designs available.

High performance Li Poly battery and charger system
Both a 12V automatic DC charger PLUS a 240 volt mains adaptor are included giving the option of charging from a 12 volt power source directly or 240 volt mains. Charge time is around 1 hour.