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Twister 2.4GHz Coastguard RC Remote Control Helicopter

List Price: £99.99  

Price: £84.50

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Twister Coast Guard

Just like the hugely popular Twister Medevac, the Twister Coastguard is simply a knockout first-time R/C helicopter and completely suited to people with no RC flying experience whatsoever. With everything included - transmitter, spare parts, USB flight simulator cable, training DVD - you'll be in the air more quickly and more confidently - with a better looking and a better performing model.

 The rightly famous orange and white livery of the Coastguard's full size equivalent has been adopted by many services around the globe. The pilots and personnel of the Service are dedicated to upholding maritime safety and their motto is Semper Paratus, meaning 'Always Prepared'.
From the authentic oleo detail through to the canted 4-blade tail rotor, this beautifully crafted scale masterpiece sits so realistically in flight that you can almost feel the 'whump' of rotors and smell the exhaust haze!

Unique damage prevention features - LBW
We've engineered features that even experts will like, such as integral LBW; a low lipo battery warning system that activates a blue flashing beacon parked behind the main rotors when it's time to land and recharge, preventing over discharge and failure of the lipo battery

Unique damage prevention features - MOPS The revolutionary MOPS (Motor Overload Protection System) helps prevent damage to your drive motors and speed controller by cutting power to the motors automatically on blade-stopping tip-overs - then automatically re-energising the system some seconds later! So no more burnt out motors, batteries, and speed controllers!
Reassuring for new pilots and comforting for experienced pilots.

Fail-safe and safe-start
In addition to the amazing LBW and MOPS damage prevention systems, the fail-safe cuts power to the main motor in the event of transmitter failure while the safe-start only allows starting when the throttle stick is low­–so there is no danger of connecting the flight battery and inadvertently sending power instantly to the motors.

Both a 12V automatic DC charger PLUS a 240 volt mains adaptor are included giving the option of charging from a 12 volt power source directly or 240 volt mains. Charge time is around 1 hour.

  • factory-assembled and now Fitted with Planet 5 2.4g Radio
  • Now fitted with ultra bright LED search lights as standard!
  • Checked, test-flown and Flight Guaranteed - so you know it flies
  • With LBW - Low Battery Warning beacon: flashing blue LED upper beacon
  • With MOPS - Motor Overload Protection System (just in case you crash)
  • Rechargeablee lipo, balancer charger, 6 gram servos, mains unit, etc
  • FREE - Flight Sim USB cable for use with included Tx and FREE FMS Sim
  • FREE - 8 spare main rotor blades plus 4 AA alkalines for transmitter